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 Introduce yourself

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PostSubject: Introduce yourself   Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:41 am

Have fun and don't forget to introduce yourselves.

To set an example I'll be the first one.

My name is Andris Celms, around the internet known as Dreik or sometimes Peindora which is an old nick I accidentally got during a CS match and no I'm not a CS gamer, I prefer RPG, strategy, action, sims, and other games like that. I find that shooters, car games, sport games and such are boring and way too repetitive. Well I'm currently 25 years old. My hobbies are many and in the same time none. Although I love to do many things I don't do them often enough. I like to walk, cook, watch movies, TV-shows and animes, no, I'm not into reading manga, no matter how strange it would sound. However I love to read, I haven't had much reading lately, but if someone would ask me what's better, reading or watching something I would be definitely on the side of the books. Well also as you all know I love working on Faded Haven and RP. I'm currently working in a small restaurant Bistro de la paix as a cook. And I'm living in France, Rochefort. I am the oldest member of the Phoenix Dream project and I plan to remain the oldest one. In other words I'm not going anywhere until it is finished! For those who don't know Phoenix dream project is an RPG video game development and this rp forum is dedicated to the same world that the game uses, Lavir. I started out as one of the 5 idea generators and was chosen to do the story because I had already done the beginning and because I have a pretty good imagination, if I can say so myself. Soon after I started to do also other things like characters, documentation, world, ability and equipment lists, bestiary, races, etc, etc... In other words I did everything others didn't + when they got too lazy I was there to kick their asses I guess that's when the person who had came up with the idea itself to create the game started to call me boss and others soon caught the phrase. Though even if I still do my share of the work on the game development first one to call me Boss here gets frozen and thrown into arctic ocean, here I'm not a boos, here I'm simply a DM. And in case I get too lazy be sure to kick my ass really hard, I am no exception for the rules. Well I'll stop my introduction there, you will learn more about me as we work on since I'm a chatterbox and you can always simply ask me if you want to know something.

And with this I rise my glass of self made almost non alcoholic cocktail for a great friendship and good fortune of the Our own adventure.
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Introduce yourself
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