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 Alternate Faded Haven (unfinished)

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PostSubject: Alternate Faded Haven (unfinished)   Thu Aug 06, 2015 9:32 am

Happens in an alternate dimension for the purposes of logic.
5 years after the end of age of terror a young boy/girl named _ _ _ sees his/her family being killed by a man/woman named _ _ _ and swears vengeance. The story starts 5 years later when _ _ _ encounters a guy/girl named _ _ _, who proposes to help him/her. Because of various reasons they soon find themselves running into a lot of trouble, they also encounter other people who decide to travel with them for various reasons. They follow the tracks of _ _ _, but soon notice that something is happening in the world; various schools where battle professions are taught are being attacked by hordes of gryphs. Their chase after _ _ _ pulls them in the middle of these attacks when they encounter a _ _ _ person called _ _ _ who seems to be responsible for the gryph attacks and is also in some way involved with _ _ _. They finally encounter _ _ _, but are unable to beat him/her. The gryph attacks increase, other villains working for _ _ _ appear and _ _ _ is encountered more and more, slowly revealing the mystery around him/her. They find out that the one causing these attacks is _ _ _ who is being manipulated by _ _ _. _ _ _ sides with _ _ _ and the team to stop _ _ _ and _ _ _, but they fail and _ _ _ succeeds to bring down the world’s defenses, the schools of battle professions. Together with other people around the Lavir they fight to bring the peace back to the world and banish _ _ _

Currently only main protagonist and first companion is needed to start.

Location: Currently in Day Down

Characters and their players:
Main protagonist whose parents were killed. Needs to be kind and know to use various magic in medium levels (Crimson mage would be perfect) -
First companion. Needs to be an old member of Yami Yakuza (biggest guild in the world) (he/she isn't frequenting it atm) -
The one who works at castle of Kauton and organizes protagonist's escape. Has a lost younger sister/brother and is a summoner. -
Lives in Meijenfeld (village near Alps) and knows Agas Dama, an old weirdo who's actually a master in all combat styles. His/her mother's/father's spirit will decide to dwell in the body of Protagonist. Can see the spirits in others -
The lost younger Sister/brother of the one who works at castle. Head mechanic of Ludlow. Best friends with the pirate captain. -
A prince/princess of Mystic continent. Everyone on the continent blames him/her for killing his/her brother(not true). Seeks the one who really did it. Freed the continent from their father's tyranny. Currently in Gryph castle prison -
A vampire(turned). Abandoned daughter/son of the pirate captain. Loves the one who killed protagonist's parents. Lives in Bloodpool castle on Mystic continent. -
A thief -
Son/Daughter of mayor of the city on Angel's Psychology. Either a historian or archeologist, or a technician or someone who knows where to find materials. -
Rebel in Kauton. Friends with the one who works in castle.-
Pirate captain. Mother/father of the vampire best friend of the lost brother/sister. -
The one who killed protagonist's parents. Needs to be opposite sex. Had good reasons to kill them. Moves around the world on own quest at the beginning. Is often seen as badguy. Ex slave. Has either a demon or is victim of Blood soldier experiments in result of what he/she got Lich King inside. Works with the main  villain (dislikes one another) and the one who controls gryphs (was saved by it) -

Perhaps villains too?:
The one who killed protagonist's parents -
The one manipulating the gryphs. Needs to be naive, childish, result of an experiment. Good healing powers and immense control/mind control abilities -
Main villain. Very poverful, evil, can teleport, was once human -
Main villain's sister/brother. Leads the armies of gryphs -
Copy of the first companion both physicaly, in history and in povers. (At lest in most aspects, some things can be different. History is up to discussion) works in team, terrorizes Kauton.  - Dreik
Copy's companion. Saved by him/her when younger. Can teleport long distance. -
A crimson mage. Traitor. -
Dark dragoon who wishes to dominate all dragons. -
Believes to be messenger of god and act upon its will. Was once a very high ranked holy leader (trying to aggressively convert everyone). Been in prison since the end of age of terror, will be released by main villain's orders -
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Alternate Faded Haven (unfinished)
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