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 Our Own Adventure

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PostSubject: Our Own Adventure   Fri Aug 07, 2015 10:26 am

In the village of Woren there were a group of friends Wincent - the Older brother, Adina - the little rose, Elena - the One Mysterious Girl, Dratchken - apprentice blacksmith, the Wielder of the Hammer and Yama - an adventurous flutist, the Silent Killer. One of their favorite time passing methods were sitting at the local Tavern "Wanderer's dream" and listening to the stories told by travelers and adventurers. About the places impossible to imagine, treasures greater than those of a king, adventures you could see only in dreams and heroes vanquishing the evil. Once Wincent proposed to have their own adventure. All of them was in the same opinion. So, at the midnight they set off. After a night of walking they got attacked by ruthless men, but even that didn't stop them. However that almost led to the death of Elena.
They reached the village of Hooker Hole and rested at the Inn. While Elena was visited by a young doctor James, Wincent and Dratchken visited the village and got in the fight with 2 guys from the same band that had attacked them before. After winning the fight and returning the stolen bag to the owner they returned to the inn. 2 weeks passed while Elena recovered. In the mean time Adina helped at Inn, Yama made flutes for kids and Dratchken spent his time at Library where he found not only books but also his first love, Crow. When it was time to leave and all the good by were said they headed out. At the town's gate Doctor James Philipin, the one who took care of Elena, tried to stop them, but seeing that it's in vain he decided to hang along.
Their next destination was the Ancient castle not too far away. They had heard that a certain young girl had disappeared nearby there.
Soon they had reached the castle and entered it. After a dire struggle against the 2 guardians they got to the staircase. A pair of adventurers entered the castle right as they were safe and fought against the guardians. Saved by their leader, Dalia, the newcomers reached the stairs. After doctor gave the first aid to everyone they headed up to the second floor. When they reached the second floor Dratchken felt the presence of someone else and called out loud to it, but no one did respond. the first room they opened happened to lead to balcony outside of which was a huge floating skull. Not risking to fight it they quickly headed forward only to run into Nightmares. After a dangerous and hard terrifying fight they killed first Nightmare and with the help of their new companions defeated also the second one. While doctor took care of their injuries. Adina and Dreik entered the closest room to search for a calmer place to rest. There they encountered a bunch of what seemed to be zombies, but were actually flesh golems. For the first time Adina tried her hand in sorcery and together they successfully dealt with the golems. When the fight was finished they noticed a spirit of a young girl near the altar in the middle of the room. The girl was confused and had only just discovered that she was a spirit and had no knowledge of how she became one. She presented herself as Sandra. As Dreik recalled Sandra was the name of Mayor's daughter they were looking for. Soon everyone built the "camp" in the room. Dreik, Doc and Yama cleared the next room to be secure of unneeded surprises.
While they were eating Yama revealed that he is a prince. Sandra in the meantime decided to take a walk and wondered through the wall in the hallway on the other side of the room and ran into ghouls. Once noticed she ran back into room, but ghouls crushed the wall and followed her. Surprised by the attack team was too slow to react and Doc got killed protecting Elena. Awakened from surprise by this tragedy they killed ghouls.
Dalia and Dreik sent the mentally and physically emptied kids to sleep.
While the kids were sleeping the both D's left because of some urgency.
At the morning when they woke up they noticed that Dratch was missing as well. After shortly discussing what they should do they decided to move forward and find their friend.
Their search wasn't long. Dratch had been captured by some strange ghouls. Through the teamwork they succeeded to save their friend and Adina, trying to distract ghouls accidentally teleported the whole group out of the castle.
Dratch had lost his eye and Adina had fainted after using too much magic. After applying the treatment they could they headed back to Hooker Hole.
They passed through tavern to get info on where to seek medical help and rent a room. A man from Sandra's past, Sebastian, was there as well though no one  knew who he was. Somehow Sandra succeeded in hiding from him.
They went to doc's house where his cousin, Ed, had taken on the duties of doc. After a fine treatment he demanded that kids tell him what happened to doc and then let them leave.
After a short rest at the tavern everyone headed for the meal Cherry had prepared for them. No luck to Sandra, she got cornered by Sebastian who demanded explanations. He didn't get anything out of the ghost girl though as they needed to go at the table. Surprise to the kids, the barman from their village was there as well.
At the table Sandra was forced to talk. She told everyone that she had followed adventurers to the castle because apparently some Lord Kravens was there. In the end of her story she revealed that she had met some strange guy who had told her not to tell others that she is his eyes. Afterwards it was turn for others to tell their story. After the dessert everyone was sleepy and headed to their beds.

At least 3 of the original participants are needed to continue.

Location: Currently in Hooker Hole's tavern.

Characters and their players:
Wincent - Dreik
Adina. W. - Milky
Elena Menglu - BlueRosesClan
Yama - Rico
Dratchken Sorielle - Dratch

There might be 2 slots opening in near future cause I can't contact Milky and Rico.
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Our Own Adventure
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