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 General rules

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PostSubject: General rules   Sat Aug 01, 2015 8:46 am

These rules apply to the whole forum:

1. Be friendly Smile
2. In case of dispute contact any DM/Moderator, it's their job to resolve the conflicts.
3. To signal a breach of rules contact any DM/Moderator.
4. Follow the rules.
5. Post what you want to post in the topic that's been created for it. Character in character's topic, ideas in ideas, general talk in Tavern, Rp in RP and so on. Posts in the wrong topic will be deleted.
6. Collaborate with others to make bigger, better, add details or otherwise improve the RP and it's world. You can do it either through posting ideas or through adding a direct info.
7. If you want to add a direct info to the RP or the world you must first contact either Dreik or XKandDF with it.
8. As you probably noticed there is an xp field in your profile. The xp is your own not for any of your characters in specific. The xp is gained by posting, creating topics and adding others to your friend list. You can ask for a revard for any of your characters 1 revard for every 100 xp. The revards can be anything starting from an item to a natural catastrophe in your favor, or it can be random.
9. Post often
10. And last, but not least... Have Fun! Smile

These are the current rules. They aren't complete and can (and probably will) be modified later on. Give me your suggestions on how to improve them.
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General rules
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