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 RP rules

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PostSubject: RP rules   Sat Aug 01, 2015 9:13 am

1. Be friendly and respectful to each other.
2. No godmoding
3. Play your character as he is. Don't go using things pulled out of thin air or abilities that he didn't know. I tried to make the Character Sheet so that you would be able to remember all the info with ease.
4. The Character Sheet in your profile is for your Main character. Other characters (main character too actually) must have their Character Sheets filled as well and posted in Character topic in the Library.
5. Keep the Character Sheet up to date at all times.
6. Create the character as they would really be in this world. Although this world supports the existence of alternate dimensions and travel between them it is preferable to avoid characters from other dimensions as that would just confuse everyone. So don't go creating Futuristic space marine robots with particle lasers that come from Tokyo. This world has a rather Huge variety of possibilities as it is. And you can always suggest to add others if you wish.
7. Same applies for the RP itself. Act on how the world is, don't go playing PS4. Go to the Library to find out all the info that you wish to know about the area you are in, history, habitants, treasure, maps, and anything else. If the info isn't there ask us for it or propose your own version and it will be added.
8. NO KILLING OTHER CHARACTERS UNLESS YOU HAVE PERMISSION (dying in combat against the NPC is allowed though (don't worry they won't kill you on sight))
9. WARNING things in this world that would logically want you dead will seriously try to kill you. I won't play any nice monsters that will go easy on you just because you are the player. Same goes for the accidents. If you happen to be buried by falling rocks you are probably dead. Things happen.
10. Post as often as you can and as much as you can.
10.1 This isn't a fast paced RP because I understand that we all have lives to live as well, but try to post at least once a day so that others wouldn't be stuck waiting on you for days.
10.2 If you haven't been online for 2 days your character will be either put on Automatic (meaning that he will more or less passively follow other or stay on the spot) or others will have a temporary permission to add his actions to their posts (only till you get back and only if they play him as he's supposed to be) which one depends on the situation.
10.3 Try to make long posts with as much info as you can without limiting the possibilities for others.
10.4 One liners are allowed only if specific situations such as dialogues.
11. If you want to RP but you are stuck waiting for others to post, you can go and play the npc character or monster for another team. Perhaps surprise attack them if there's a possibility Wink and you can also create another character and explore another part of the world.
12. NPCs can be played by everyone at any time. Except perhaps for the important NPCs who influence the flow of the main plot.
13. The RP topics are one for each location. You have to post in the topic of the location you are in no matter what plot are you part of.
14. All the plots happen in the same time in the world.
15. Read all the rules and follow them.
16. Last, but not least... Have Fun!

The rules will be improved as we go based on the need and suggestion so be sure to speak your mind and speak it loud.
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RP rules
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