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PostSubject: Elements   Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:05 am

In your character sheet there is a field named Elements. I'll explain here how it works here.

Each being in the world has 8 elements in them (with a few exceptions) from which one or multiple might be stronger than the rest. These elements that are stronger designate what elements used by this being are stronger than normal and used against this being are weaker than normal.
Elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, Lightning, Light, Darkness, Magna.
Elemental power: -3 - +3

· -3: don’t have the element which means that can’t use any ability with the specific element.
· -2: element exists, but is so weak that any ability used with the specific element is at its lowest power.
· -1: element exists in slightly less concentration than normally which results of abilities with respective element being weaker than normally.
· 0: a basic concentration of element. All abilities with the specific element can be used without any improvements or drawbacks.
· +1: Element exists in slightly higher concentration resulting in abilities with respective element being stronger than normally
· +2: element exists in amount a lot higher than normally resulting in abilities with corresponding element being a lot stronger and defense against the specific element being stronger.
· +3: element is so strong that it most likely is the only element being holds (example: elemental spirits). Abilities with the specific element are extremely strong and defense is great or the element is even absorbed resulting in healing instead of damage.

Elements also have their relations with other elements indicating which element deals higher and which lower damage against someone possessing the element in high enough amount (+3 and in some cases +2).

· Fire: Weak: Water, Ice. Strong: Air, Lightning.
· Water: Weak: Lightning, Ice. Strong: Fire, Air.
· Earth: Weak: Water. Strong: Air
· Air: Weak: Fire, Ice. Strong: Earth, Water.
· Ice: Weak: Fire, Earth. Strong: Air, Water.
· Lightning: Weak: Earth. Strong: Air.
· Light: Weak: Darkness. Strong: None.
· Darkness: Weak: Light. Strong: None.
· Magna: Weak: None. Strong: None.
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