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 Dragon Valor

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PostSubject: Dragon Valor   Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:02 am

Have you suffered because of dragons? Have they killed someone you love? Or perhaps they are just annoying you and you have fun slaying them?
In that case we have something for you. It's dangerous, fun and epic! It's Dragon Valor!
We propose you to partake in an epic journey where you'll compete against other dragon slayers trying to accomplish the epic quest. Your tasks will be full with danger and dragon slaying! The winner will be the one to lend the finishing blow against the last dragon! And the reward will be Azi! The one original and handsome dragon slayer sword!

Ps. These games are illegal. Dragon hunting is prohibited in this age. They have been fully acknowledged as an intelligent civilized race.

Number of participants unlimited. At least 2 needed to start. Possible to join afterwards.

Location: Currently secret

Current participants:
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Dragon Valor
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