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Character sheet

 Full name : Sandra Aehrenth
 Titles : Xandz
 Race : Human (Blightmoon)
 Age : 21
 Gender : female
 Battle profession : monk/paladin
 Current state :
 Carried Possessions :
 Possessed weapon(s) : Claw of Overseer
 Skilled with weapons : Strength amplification
 Special abilities :
 Elements : Light +1 Darkness +2
 Stats :
StatsHealthEnergyMagicPhysical strengthMagical powerPhysical defenseMagical defenseDexterityAccuracyLuck
Very low          
Low  x       
Medium low    x     
Mediumxx   x  x 
Medium high   x  xx  
High         x
Very high          
 Height and Body built :
 Eye color and Hair color : eye: gold; hair: platinum blonde
 Appearance :
 Birth/living place :
 Birthday : 23rd Aries
 Main personality traits : calm, cynical, can be friendly
 Bad personality traits : too trusting, low patience, can be condescending, decision on a whim, secretly an attention whore
 Fears, phobias, etc... : betrayal, loneliness
 Education/intelligence: :
 Skilled in :
 Bad at :
 Favorites :
 Sports :
 Obsessions :
 Best friend, Hero and Worst enemy :
 Relationship/sexuality :
 Poupularity in the world and where has the character been :
 Thoughts of Technology and Magic :
 Job : Courier and Escort
 Bio :
 Desired gain from adventure/things trying to achieve :
 Way of fighting :
 Weakness :
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